How you can plan three visits in one road trip

If you are a budget friendly road tripper or if you want to make the most of your time or both, consider taking a trip to the beautiful Suider Agter Paarl (Southern Paarl) and visiting three places in one trip.

In order for you to spend a decent amount of time, I would suggest you book out an entire morning or afternoon or even an entire day, if you can.

Alpaca Loom, Fairview Wines and Spice Route are all found on this road, which means you will save on petrol money which is a huge plus in our current economic times and with fuel prices sky rocketing every now and then.

I will mention these places briefly, but will do future blogs on each place separately as I have experienced it.

Alpaca Loom – Because who does not love adorable Alpacas? The entry fee is only R30 and you have the option of buying feed to feed these gorgeous creatures. There is also a coffee shop and weavers studio as well as a playpark for children.

A guided tour is also offered and you don’t need to make a prior booking, but it is a good idea to just phone and find out what times the tours are. The tour takes about an hour.

Fairview Wines – This place is not far from Alpaca and you can enjoy a pre-booked picnic in their beautiful gardens. There is also a shop where you can buy cheeses, jams, milk and a variety of Fairview delicacies. There are wine tastings and a restaurant that you can eat your fill.

Depending on what you are planning to do, your time estimation will differ from the next person.

Spice Route Destination – There are too many things to do at Spice Route, from eating pizzas, enjoying home-made ice creams, chocolate tasting and admiring their veggie gardens, to name a few.

Once you pass the gates and take your drive to the venue, the trip through the vineyards is just such an experience.

I would definitely recommend all three of the above places although I have not experienced a lot of what these places have to offer. In future blog posts I will share my limited, but enjoyable experience with you.

If you can take anything from this post, may it be that before planning a road trip, even if it is very close to where you stay, make it a habit to see what other places are in the area. You may not want to visit too many places on one day, otherwise it will take away too much of the experience you would want.

Make each trip worth your while.

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