Hi there! My name is Wilhelmina and I have lived in Cape Town my entire life. I love traveling and taking road trips and I have always enjoyed writing. That is how this blog eventually came about…to write about something I really love.

Unfortunately, I know that times are hard for most of us and we cannot always go on faraway trips, because we actually need money to do that and time and lots of both.

These blog posts will not only showcase the beautiful budget friendly options, but also showcase the places that are perhaps not budget friendly, but that you could actually save up for. Also, explore with me options on how to really save up for that local trip that you really want to go on, but that is a bit out of your price range at the moment.

You don’t have to have an abundance of money to enjoy seeing and experiencing beautiful places. Cape Town and the broader Western Cape have lots to offer. I stand amazed at how spoilt for choice we really are.